Digital Critic
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Digital Critic Video Evaluation System
For Officials and Referees of ALL Sports

Digital Critic is the only tool of its kind on the market, allowing real-time,
video-based feedback for your officiating members.

Click here to view a sample video evaluation.

  This cutting-edge product solves all of the challenges associated with most current
evaluation methods for officials of all sports:

● Always have your best evaluator(s) assess the official (anywhere, anytime evaluations) Your evaluator can be from anywhere in your town, region, state/province, country, or anywhere in the world!
● Central repository for all evaluations (no more cumbersome paperwork or physical discs to distribute)
● Maintain excellent, accurate records of official improvement over time
● Timely, play-specific feedback, both written and spoken
● Coordination of an evaluation is a snap!
● This system is a stellar environment for training evaluators! Have several evaluators comment on the same footage, and collectively compare for instructional purposes.

This incredible technology allows you to add text commentary AND audio commentary to the official's performance with time-relevant perfection.


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Mark Stevens
President of Operations and Co-Founder, Official Excellence

Andrew Buffone
President of Technology Development and Co-Founder, Official Excellence